Holmfirth Eye Clinic

Mr Davey and Drs Jennison and Partners established the Holmfirth Eye Clinic in 2005, to provide an ophthalmology service for patients living in and around the Holme Valley. In June 2007, the Clinic expanded to offer this service to patients of Drs Shamsee, Ward and Associates.

The team includes experienced orthopists and optometrists and encompasses a comprehensive one stop service, avoiding the need to return for multiple appointments for tests and repeat assessments. In addition to out patient consultations, a variety of treatments and minor procedures are carried out in clinic.

Holmfirth Eye Clinic is the first place in the Huddersfield and Halifax area where anyone can have measurements needed for high precsion for cataract surgery on the Zeiss IOL Master.

For more information about Holmfirth Eye Clinic or book an appointment, please contact Jude Faulkner, Practice Manager,

Tel : 01422 324 084, Email : info@keithdavey.co.uk

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