Cataracts are very common but don't worry, a simple procedure can restore vision better than most people imagine could be possible

Cataracts are the lens in your eye becoming cloudy. Your vision may blur or cloud over or you could have trouble driving at night. If you notice these things, you should visit your optometrist / optician who can refer you to Mr Davey.

Diagnosis-to enable Mr Davey to look at a cataract, he will see you in clinic and consider the options. To book an appointment, please click here.

The Procedure-Cataract operations are performed as a day case - you need only visit the hospital for a short time. Mr Davey uses local anaesthetic eye drops, (no needles or injections). Most people are amazed by how quickly their eye recovers following such no needle surgery. The results of this procedure are normally outstanding, though you need to discuss the prognosis and other details.

Benefits of Cataract Surgery-greater clarity of vision and improved colour vision. Mr Davey also carefully selects lens implants to compensate for existing focusing problems, most people find their eyesight without glasses improves dramatically after surgery.

High Precision Cataract Surgery-There is now a wide choice of lens implants available. We can now not only correct the cataract, but also aim to reduce any existing refractive error such as short sight, long sight or astigmatism. New lenses can also correct optical aberrations in the eye, this can return your vision to the quality it had when you were young. Multifocal lens implants can not only give you good distance vision, but also give you good unaided reading vision. This can mean that you may not need glasses at all.

To achieve such amazing results, modern cataract surgery needs absolutely precise measurements and dedication to accuracy. The Zeiss IOL Master is the most accurate way to measure your eye. It is accurate to a 50th of a millimetre, which is ten times better than ultrasound used elsewhere. The Zeiss IOL Master is routinely used at both the Yorkshire Eye Hospital and the Holmfirth Eye Clinic. The Zeiss IOL Master at the Holmfirth Eye Clinic was the first and only one in the Huddersfield and Halifax area.

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